When you work with us, you’re more than just another client on a docket. Our processes necessitate us to become your partner throughout the lifecycle of your mandate.

We love nothing more than the opportunity to work with you and your team in person. As Canada’s first and only Certified PIE® Delivery Partner, we are able to deliver a unique program that combines project management & leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship to enable your employees and partners to solve problems and build a culture of innovation thats supported from the top down. We help you change your ability to deal with the specific challenges that stand in the way of your business objectives.

PIE® – Innovation Workshops

‣ Understanding Your Unique Culture & Team Mindset
‣ Using the PIE® Method & Toolkit to Solve Challenges
‣ Identifying Your Challenges (little innovation versus BIG Innovation)
‣ Building and Leading an Agile Team using ‘P’ in PIE®
‣ Using Innovation to Creatively Solve Challenges using ‘I’ in PIE®
‣ Testing Your Idea in the Market using ‘E’ in PIE®

Growth Engineering Workshops

‣ Building an Agile Growth Team
‣ Know Your Customer Segments
‣ Creating an Experience Journey
‣ Purpose-Driven Content Strategy that Converts
‣ Impact-Driven Social Media & Building a Brand Hive
‣ Understanding Your Data to make Insight-Driven Business Decisions

At Linx, all of our workshops are customized and tailored to your teams unique needs and objectives. Tell us about your growth challenges and let us tailor a program that can help you break-through to the next level of your growth journey.