Build a culture of experimentation by embedding innovation into your DNA.

Product Lab

We enable organizations to create tailor-made, intentional, connected learning experiences to support sustainable business growth.


The future is moving too quickly to make guesswork out of your business’ growth machine. We’ve created a series of products that will help your organization unlock its growth and human potential.

Work with us to identify your key opportunities and risks in order to expand your business through shared vision and ownership of your existing, upcoming and unforeseen challenges.


Occura integrates the most powerful social collaboration tools available with results-driven training and project management technology.


GrowthBook helps companies unify and monitor their marketing activities to gain efficiencies, improve productivity and optimize their growth.​

Learnlab Platform leverages innovation to unleash human potential by creating learning experiences that solve real world business challenges.Through our mobile learning platform, employees utilize a new growth mindset allowing them to successfully tackle real-world challenges.

Our Product Lab focuses on empowering organizations interested in empower their people by building a culture of trust, agility, and growth through tailor-made, connected learning experiences.